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Martial Arts for Operation CR

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Community Hosted Events

Operation CR’s mission is to help fight hunger and poverty among low-income families - both in our community and around the world. 
To bring awareness to this problem, we are hosting two events year-round that are open to the public to participate in!


Operation Cr’s Kick-A-Thon is a fundraising event to raise awareness and relief for families and children
around the world who face poverty and hunger on a daily basis.
The Kick-A-Thon is an event in which participating martial art schools from the community come together for a great cause.
Instructors will decide whether their students will perform 100 kicks or as many kicks as they can within a certain time period.


Get to Know Us



Operation CR’s Break-A-Thon is an alternative choice for martial art schools to participate in 
and raise awareness for worldwide hunger and poverty.
Martial Art Schools that host a Break-A-Thon will have their students collect donations. 
For every $10 a students collect, they will break 1 board! (50 boards maximum). 

How to Participate

Any martial arts school is welcome to participate in this event!

Simply fill out your information on the form below to be contacted with more information.

Non-students and families who would like to join us in our fight against child hunger can ask their friends, relatives, coworkers, and local businesses to join us and show their support.

This simple act goes a long ways towards raising awareness of our cause


We accept cash, check, money order, and online donations.

Please make all checks and money orders out to: Operation CR Inc.

All donors will be given receipts for their records.

All proceeds help Operation CR’s mission in providing food access and supplies to families in need

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