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Operation Child Rescue

With millions of children dying from malnutrition they provide food and support to those in need across the world 

Our Story & Mission

Operation Child Rescue (Operation CR Inc.)* was founded in 2018 by Clinton Oh, a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to serving a greater purpose in life. With his first business being martial arts, Clinton scaled his enterprise to over 80 locations and coached hundreds of other martial arts schools and businesses. At Champions Martial Arts, the focus extends beyond teaching martial arts to imparting essential life skills to children, based on the core values of Mind, Body, and Spirit.


•⁠  ⁠Mind: Empowering students with a strong mindset to withstand bullying, overcome challenges, and cultivate an "I can do it" confidence.

•⁠  Body: Encouraging students to be conscious of their health by eating right, training hard, and maintaining optimal physical fitness at all ages.

•⁠  ⁠Spirit: Instilling an indomitable spirit, teaching students what to stand for and against, and fostering humility and a heart to give unconditionally.


Inspired by the impact the organization had on local child communities, Clinton founded Operation CR Inc. to amplify the education of "humanitarian spirit." Their collective passion for giving back has resulted in countless children receiving medical care, treatment, and thousands of children being fed to this date. The organization has also donated thousands of toys, books, and clothing items, and continuously funds care and support for children in third-world countries.


Operation CR Inc.'s mission is to fight child hunger and improve the quality of life for children across the world. Every day, children suffer in their development due to a lack of food and basic resources. We hope you'll join us in this mission and help make a difference.


Currently, the nonprofit is led by CEO William Dobie, an expert martial artist and lifelong Christian, committed to raising awareness that every small action can enhance the safety of children, feed one more child, and create a larger impact by working together as one.

Our mission with Operation CR Inc. is to fight child hunger and improve the quality of life for children in New York and countries outside the United States. Each and everyday children are suffering in their development because they lack food and basic resources. 
It is our hope that you be a part of this mission and help us make a difference!

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