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Our Mission:

Giving Resources


We provide resources (food, clothes, toys, etc.), to underprivileged children to both improve their quality of life and help sustain their basic needs so that they can progress in their child development.

We Fight Child Hunger And Provide Resources To Children In New York City and BEYOND!

Help Operation Child Rescue Continue To Provide for Children and Families!

We Are Making A Difference In the Lives of Children And Families!

Who We Are

Clothing & Toy Provision

Operation Child Rescue hosts clothing and toy drives for children in the New York area. These resources keep children warm during the winter season, provide those that lack clothing with clothes, and provide happiness for children by allowing them to open a toy for Christmas!

Hunger Relief

It is our mission to provide food to children in need. Our approach is to first serve the low-income children and families nearest to us in New York City and then working to help the world. Hunger is something that is so preventable but it is ending the lives of millions of children daily! We want to be a part of the reason why children that are in need live to see another day, which is why we donate meals in different ways through funding and canned food donations- so that children no longer have to be a victim to hunger!

Resource Relief

We want to provide children and families with basic needs and resources that will change their lives for the better!

Toys Given
Canned/Boxed Food Donated
Jackets/Clothes Given
Meals Given

Operation CR's Programs


Operation Hunger is Operation Cr’s leading hunger relief mission to fight food insecurity among low-income children and families in need in New York City and beyond. It involves donating food and other resources to emergency food programs (such as a food pantry or food bank) that accommodate the food insecure and are an established presence in their communities. By providing food and resources to them, Operation Cr wants to sustain, grow, and even create food drive programs that can help provide a consistent supply of food to families in need. Currently, Operation Hunger has allowed hundreds of thousands of families to be fed throughout New York City and with your support, we hope to help assist so many more programs. Ultimately, we hope to see food insecurity be gone and we will do our part with Operation Hunger! Become a part of Operation Hunger by either volunteering or donating to our mission! Get started today!

operation child rescue


Operation Relief is Operation Cr’s mission to provide families in need with the resources (school supplies, technology, education etc.) they need to improve their quality of life. By providing families with appropriate resources, Operation Cr wants to be part of the reason why the circumstances of families change for the better. Resources include any supplies families are lacking or that they might need in order for them to progress in their development and overall life. Many families in need are in need of so much more in their lives in order to live better and we want to provide for them! With millions in the world not having enough to support themselves, we need to come together, make a change, and provide for children and families! Become a part of Operation Relief by either volunteering or donating to our mission! Get started today!


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