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COVID-19 has shaked the nation to its very core.  Leaving many sick, unemployed, and the nation’s economy hurt, this pandemic has caused many consequences in the world for the past five months, affecting both children and adults.  Even as the world continues to recover and reopen society into a new normal of social distancing and face masks, there is one consequence from COVID-19 that the world is still fighting: the rise in food insecurity and hunger.  Because of the increasing unemployment from COVID-19, hunger among children and families is projected to increase.  In fact, food insecurity in some states such as New York is projected to be twice as much as it once was.  With a hunger crisis occurring in the world, carrying out the mission of Operation Child Rescue has been needed now more than ever.


Operation Cr Inc. has an ongoing hunger fighting program called Operation Hunger.  Operation Hunger finds sources of food either from food distribution sites or saves fresh food that would have been wasted and gives it to facilities that accommodate or house low-income families.  These facilities include and are not limited to food banks, pantries, soup kitchens, schools, and much more.  Additionally, we may provide financial support to nonprofits that are similar in mission to ours to support their hunger fighting mission as well.  COVID-19 has strained many food providing places such as food banks because there are now so many more families relying on these places for food-more than ever before.  As a result, Operation Cr had to move Operation Hunger forward more than ever before, gathering support in order to provide for others in need.

We focused our attention towards executing Operation Hunger in New York City, which many have considered one of the epicenters of COVID-19.  Currently, we have given close to 20,000 meals to facilities in New York City.  The pictures below show where we have given so far.  With the help of the food distributing organization Blessings of Hope, we were able to give to the Faith Bible Hope Center, the Center for Family Life Food Pantry, and the Elmcor Food Pantry.  These are organizations  that have seen an increase in their operations because of the pandemic and are serving thousands of families struggling from food insecurity and hunger.


We cannot thank our supporters and volunteers enough for the continuous amount of giving and feedback on how to provide meals to those in need during this hunger crisis.  It is only because of you that we are able to do these things.  Without you, our mission is nothing but a dream.  Your support is what makes the things we do a reality!.

With that being said, the need to fight hunger is so great, that Operation Hunger has to keep going.  We ask that you consider sharing with others about Operation Cr Inc. and the mission of what we want to accomplish.    More importantly, we ask that you consider giving to Operation Cr Inc. in order for our outreach to grow and the number of people we can help to grow.  Giving and generosity are cornerstones of growth for Operation Child Rescue.  It is our hope that in reading this post, that you will feel inspired to make a difference with us, happy about the impact that you are helping to cause, and motivated to rescue children worldwide.



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