Face Masks For The Child Community

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Face Masks For The Child Community

August 31, 2020

It was part of our COVID-19 relief to provide some kind of PPE to groups to keep them protected. We knew that things such as face masks were crucial during this difficult time but were not certain of exactly where or who to donate face masks to. Every facility we contacted already appeared to have enough face masks for all of its staff and members. How were we going to make an impact?

In recent news, the number of COVID-19 cases have increased in children. From the several news articles that have circulated, I knew I wanted some sort of children facility to have face masks to keep themselves safe- to keep the children safe. That is why after different contacts, we decided to donate more than $10,000 worth of face masks to St. Mary’s Children Hospital in Bayside Queens.

I picked this organization for several reasons. First, because the children in the hospital are very at risk for developing COVID-19. According to a staff member there, the hospital treats children with different defects and conditions and because they are high risk, the hospital is locked down to ensure the safety of the children there. Second, to this day, there are no COVID-19 cases at the hospital. What better place to give masks to than to a children’s hospital that helps ensure the safety of children high at risk for COVID-19!!

After reaching out to St. Mary’s, we continue to reach out to different partnerships and organizations, hoping to gather financial support to move Operation Cr forward. If you know of anyone or any company that would be interested in financially supporting Operation Cr please do not hesitate to contact me. It will be through these partnerships and your giving, that Operaiton Cr continues its growth. Growth is what allows for the mission to move forward and for more things to be done for children in need.

This is all possible from your giving. No child would receive anything from us without it. We thank you for your support so far and hope you continue to be with us in making global impact!