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Martial Arts for Operation CR

Operation Child Rescue uses martial art schools and their students to help children in need both in and out of the United States. Martial art schools can host break-a-thons or other fundraising events with Operation CR to donate funds to help change the world. To this date martial arts schools with Operation Child Rescue have donated more than 100,000 meals to families locally and globally.

Operation Food

In choosing to participate in Operation Food, you are helping Operation CR in its mission to help end child hunger. Operation Food rescuers are lending a helping hand by giving canned foods to children to help us fight the poor nutrition children face everyday. With extreme poverty so prevalent in the world and children orphaned, we can rescue so many children that cannot afford to eat everyday because of their difficult circumstances. We need your help to donate thousands of canned foods and begin our child hunger rescue. Canned foods well be given to both food pantries that provide food and supplies to low-income families with children and soup kitchens that make meals for the homeless.

Operation Stay Warm

To be involved in Operation Stay Warm, all you have to do is donate a winter children jacket to one of our local centers (listed below). Child poverty affects children all over the world. 767 million people alone live in extreme poverty and only have $1.90 a day to live on. Out of this 767 million people, 328 million are children under 18 and 104 million are children under 5 (World Bank, 2016). In the United States alone, 43% of children are in low-income families (National Center for Children In Poverty). As a result of all this child poverty, it makes it difficult for some children to have basic needs met such as winter coats for the cold season. If you choose to participate in Operation Stay Warm, you are helping Operation CR in its mission to help provide for needs that children do not have. You are making a difference by providing jackets to children who once did not have them so they can keep warm in the winter. All jackets and clothes go to local clothing drives that provide jackets and clothes to the homeless weekly.

Operation Toys

To be a donator to Operation Toys, participants donate toys that are either new or in good condition to one of our local centers (listed below). Child poverty has a big impact on the physical and emotional development of children. Children in poverty have lower self-esteem and a difficult time controlling emotions and stress (The Borgen Project). Poverty also has an affect on a child’s well-being, or state of happiness (Child Trends). With poverty having these emotional effects, children are more likely to be depressed and view themselves negatively. In choosing to participate in Operation Toys, you are choosing to invest in children having happier lives despite the poverty they experience. Operation Toy rescuers are fighting the bad emotional consequences of poverty and providing hope to children that may think there is no hope because of their conditions. All toys are given to an organization that gives toys to disadvantaged children.