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Operation Child Rescue (Operation CR Inc.) was created by a group of martial art school owners that have made an impact both in their local child communities and with other organizations.  This passion of giving back to communities has resulted in many children receiving medical care and treatment and families that are in need of food being fed!  From this active participation in helping others, this team has developed a vision of wanting to provide for even more children worldwide and give even more to the child community. As a result, Operation CR Inc. was formed.

Our mission with Operation CR Inc.  is to fight child hunger and improve the quality of life for children worldwide until children are provided with the meals that they need to live healthier lives.  Each and everyday even as you explore our website, millions of children are either dying from hunger or are suffering in their development because they lack food, water, shelter, clothes and other needs. It is our hope that you be a part of our journey with us in our ultimate mission of providing for the children in need and rescue those worldwide!!

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